Student-centered Approaches

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The article that I decided to blog on immediately caught my eye as to why can we not incorporate blended learning and the traditional learning into the classroom.   The writer references the flipped classroom and how both methods could work well with the students.

I am not a long-term instructor, so adapting to some of the ideas behind a flipped classroom or bringing in more technology is so interesting and exciting.

The example that Jon Bergmann suggests for student centered learning is the Genius Hour.   Where the instructor provides the flipped classroom; micro-videos for 80% of the class and the remainder is open-ended where the students can ask questions.   What a great concept to blend the 2 teaching styles; traditional and blended.

Just like in any industry, some people do not adapt to change while others do.  So, with instructors; those that can easily change are embracing the blended theory while others are stuck in the traditional way of teaching.  Is that fair to our students?  Why are the students not learning at the pace that the system requires?   Because it starts with the instructors or teachers and without him/her changing to our environment; some students will have the desired results while others will not.

In closing blended learning and the traditional learning can both be used in the classroom where modern technology and ideas can be incorporated to enhance the learning of the students.  The author; Jon Bergmann has a textbook called Flipped Classroom that is excellent reading for any instructor.

2 thoughts on “Student-centered Approaches

  1. I agree that blended learning and traditional learning are important components to the classroom experience. A lot of instruction is dependent on funding. Is the system ready to adjust its bottom line and quickly enrol staff into professional development programs to train instructors into modern teaching methods, and then dish out more funding again in 2 years when the teaching methods have again changed the goalposts?


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